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Is being a Business Analyst all about Business?


Read on to know what soft skills every Business Analyst needs to have to be more successful and stay on the top!

Business Analysts (BA) play a crucial role in the success of any business since they help the organizations in meeting their business needs by providing them strategic solutions. BA professionals act as a bridge between the Project Managers and Stakeholders. Hence, for a successful and efficient performance, the scope widens to include interpersonal and organizational skills, apart from business analytical skills.

If you are a Business Analyst or aspire to be one, following are the essential soft skills that can help you to evolve into a front runner:

  • Communicate Effectively: The first and the foremost is effective communication as it ensures that the thoughts and ideas are relevant as per business needs. A BA’s responsibility encompasses one-to-one, as well as group communication, wherein formal presentations for a larger audience (clients) happen frequently. To communicate effectively you must possess:

    Effective Communication Skills

    Effective Communication Skills

  1. Clarity of Thoughts: The capability to present the ideas in a comprehensive and organized way, so that the client can see the complete picture.
  2. High-quality Presentation Skills: To transform thoughts into excellent presentations using tools like Microsoft Power Point.
  3. Persuasive Public Speaking Skills: To build the client’s confidence in you with conviction in your speech and apt choice of words.
  4. Great Facilitation and Negotiation Skills: To defuse disagreements in group meetings by maintaining a balance and removing the discrepancies
  • Think ‘Out of the Box’: A Business Analyst should be a strategic thinker and be able to predict the ways of meeting the company’s goals for progressing ahead of the organization’s present status. Ability to think ‘out of the box’ will pave success for self, as well as the organization.
  •  Lead the Team from the Front: A Business Analyst is supposed to lead teams and should act as a motivator and keep the team organized. Time management and cooperation are the two basic skills when working in a team. The ability to build, coordinate and lead the team will make you successful in the present role.

With a constant rise in BA professionals, the market has become highly competitive. Soft skills can become a vital differentiators in placing you above the others. That’s why, BABOK®, the framework of Business Analysis by IIBA gives significant importance to competency of communication.

About Multisoft Worldwide: Multisoft Worldwide is the Authorized Training Partner of IIBA and delivers online, as well as classroom CBAP training.


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