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What it takes to get certified!

pgmp certification

Is PgMP the next appropriate move for you?


Program Management Professional (PgMP®) is a credential offered by PMI® (Project Management Institute) in order to certify individuals with requisite expertise in developing and managing the projects for organizational growth. The certification is intended to recognize advanced experience and skill in the interrelated domains.

pgmp certification

It is important to notify that you should have four years of professional experience in managing programs. The next step to achieve the certification is to take a comprehensive test which requires you to have at least 12 professional references certifying your skills as an efficient Program Manager.

It is advisable to go through the profiles of professionals who have already achieved the credential before contemplating the benefits and effectiveness of the certification. An ideal candidate would have:

  • Most likely carried the designations like ‘Senior—‘or ‘VP of —‘
  • Around 9 years of Program Management Experience
  • Around 15 years of Project Management experience

These individuals have gained a considerable amount of expertise in handling multiple programs and must have achieved some recognition doing that.If you find yourself closer to these profiles; it is highly recommended to go for the certification. A certification helps a great deal by validating your skills and putting you above the competition. The analysis of the programs and certifications from time to time has shown that PgMP® is in the upper 25 percent quartile of difficulty to obtain.

The best route towards the certification would be enrolling in a quality PgMP Certification Training Online. For some of the candidates, PgMP Boot Camp Training proves to be quite effective in clearing their doubts. For others who can’t attend the regular Boot camps, there is an option of Online training, which will bring you closer to your aim of achieving PgMP® Certification.

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