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What it takes to get certified!

March 17, 2015
by Multisoft Worldwide

STAAD.Pro – An Amazing Civil Software for Designing

Staad Pro v8i TrainingSTAAD.Pro is a structural analysis software launched by Bentley Systems. This software includes all the functionalities of structural engineering, such as model development, structural analysis, construction design and evaluation of the results.

Use of STAAD.Pro

STAAD.Pro is used to analyze the two and three dimensional structure of any construct and then perform the structural analysis. STTAD.Pro is used to analyze space structures, plane structures, floor structures, and truss structures. The STAAD.Pro software contains several codes for steel, concrete and timber design as per the countries. STAAD.Pro can address all the production requirements of any structural engineering design. The software has a very powerful graphical facility that helps in the verification of the model and display of the results.

Features of STAAD.Pro

The software contains several features such as,

  • Text Editor for creating and editing files
  • View Facility for viewing the output file
  • Print facility for printing the output file
  • On-screen calculator for performing arithmetic calculations

Training in STAAD.Pro

As it is the most sought-after software for structural designing, a professional (Engineer) should be well trained in this software to get desired jobs in reputed firms. Multisoft Worldwide offers STAAD.Pro v8i Training to Structural and Project Engineers to make them expert in STAAD.Pro software. In addition to classroom training, Multisoft Worldwide also provides online STAAD Pro Advanced Training.

March 11, 2015
by Multisoft Worldwide

A Brief Idea about Program Management

PgMP Boot Camp TrainingProgram Management is the process of managing multiple related projects simultaneously with the aim of improving an organization’s performance. Program management involves working with a complex governing structure as changes in business strategies and finances happen as per the outcome of the total projects.It is actually the process of controlling this complex structure so that all the projects effectively deliver as a group.

The three important principles of program management are:

  • Learning the business
  • Understanding the team’s specific challenges
  • Developing a specific approach to meet the stakeholder’s needs

To perform a Program Management, following points must always be kept in mind:

  • Teamwork is a key element to successful program management and communication is an important aspect of teamwork.
  • Different projects have different significances, so always be ready to accept the significances and maintain a coordination among various projects.
  • Program Management is really hard to perform.

Training in Program Management

Multisoft Worldwide offers PgMP Boot Camp Training for experienced Program Managers who want to add value to their profile and increase their visibility by getting certified. As this is a very high level credential, it requires an in-depth work experience of 4–7 years. After attending the MW’s PgMP Certification Course, a professional earns 30PDUs. The training is provided in both classroom and online mode.

March 3, 2015
by Multisoft Worldwide

Primavera — A Project Management Software for Healthcare

primavera-mwHealthcare projects are always time consuming and utilize lots of resources. Sometimes the projects prove unsuccessful and they fail to deliver the required business outcomes. Primavera P6 Project Portfolio Management software permits healthcare industries to strategize the distribution of resources and deliver quality care throughout the entire healthcare network.

Primavera software is the most robust and user-friendly solution for planning, managing, and evaluating health care projects and programs. Due to multiple projects happening at the same time, complexities arise. Primavera P6 helps to manage complex projects with ease.  It provides healthcare professionals a real-time view of the project functioning, its benefits and ways to effectively execute the projects. By the help of Primavera’s flexible web-based user interface, project members can access to their project information from anywhere, anytime.  With the aid of this software, healthcare professionals can very efficiently implement structure and consistency across all departments, along with offering visibility and communication across all the health care areas.

Primavera P6 Training

Multiosft Worldwide offers Primavera Certification Online in both classroom and online mode. The training develops skills in managing multiple projects while simultaneously handling the timeline, budget and the deliverables. Primavera Training Online is aimed for Chief Information Officers, Capital Projects Executives, Operations Executives, PMO Directors and Process Improvement Specialists.

February 18, 2015
by Multisoft Worldwide

Importance of STAAD.Pro Training for Civil Engineers

Staad.Pro TrainingSTAAD. Pro is one of the advanced tools used by the Civil Engineers for structural analysis of the designs in the construction and building industry. As the sector is booming, the demand for well skilled Civil Engineering professions has also increased. The industry expects the candidates to be familiar with the latest skills and techniques related to structural designing, but somehow they fail to meet the industry standards. This may be due to the fact that in colleges emphasis is more given only on the theoretical part and so they lack the required technical knowledge.

Due to expansion of the construction industry, the market is full of jobs. But, students fail to grab the jobs due to lack of technical knowledge. In order to succeed, students must undergo proper training from reputed institutes in various designing software. STAAD Pro Advanced Training can effectively help in shaping the career of the Civil Engineering students as the training program will make them technically more confident and secure. Multisoft Worldwide provides both classroom and online STAAD Pro v8i Training for engineering students. The training acquaints them with the various features of the STAAD.Pro software, so that they can prove their ability in the job market. This training acts as a real booster for their career.

February 11, 2015
by Multisoft Worldwide

Why Employers Look for Certified Portfolio Management Professionals?

A Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP) is a strongly preferred credential in many companies. In some companies it is an important measure to get promotions or performance evaluations. PMP is the most recognized credential globally that shows your competency. Multisoft Worldwide offers PfMP Certification Training for experienced Project Managers. This certification carries immense importance in the workplace.

A PMP certified candidate demonstrates following skills that make it a sought-after course.

1. Goal Oriented:  A PMP certification shows that he is committed towards professional development. It is a proof of his credibility that he can go to any measure to achieve target.

2. Effective Management: A certified Project Manager can efficiently and confidently handle any problems associated with the project. He should act like a problem solver.

3. Good Judgment Skills: This accreditation shows that he possesses excellent decision-making skills. An in-depth knowledge of the project management cycle helps to make clear judgments.

4. Key Team Player: A skilled PM professional not only acts as a leader, but also acts as a team player. He plays a team building role.

This certification makes an employee more valued contributor to its employer.  Working professionals can undergo a PfMP Training to attain this certification.