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What it takes to get certified!

PfMP is the next BIG thing to accelerate your Career


PfMP Certification TrainingPMI has again given a reason to the managers to hit the books. Now professionals have got one new credential to show their capabilities – PfMP. Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP) credential, as it is better known, is centralized towards the alignment of various portfolios to the organization’s goals. With the growing competition in the industry, businesses have understood that portfolio management is the most effective way to ensure that projects deliver expected outcomes. This has increased the necessity and demand of professional expertise in terms of PfMP Training to gather knowledge and resources.

Portfolio represents an organization’s investments in different projects and programs. PfMP Certification will be demonstrating that an individual is more adept at measuring the risks, benefits, analyzing the probable options and aligning them with the organizational core strategy. Portfolio Management is crucial for an organization as it will help to organize, prioritize and finance the projects.

For aspiring Portfolio Managers, the certification can prove to be a golden chance to showcase their expertise to the employer. A PfMP Certification validates the professional’s knowledge about the subject and demonstrates his/her expertise to manage diverse projects. At the same time it differentiates the practitioners from their non-credentialed peers.

Project Portfolio Managers with an experience of 4 to 7 years and a minimum of 8 years professional business experience are eligible for the certification. With the help of the expertise developed over the years coupled with right training, it is not a herculean task to achieve the certification.

Gear yourself for PfMP certification and let your credential speak for your skills!

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