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STAAD.Pro – An Amazing Civil Software for Designing


Staad Pro v8i TrainingSTAAD.Pro is a structural analysis software launched by Bentley Systems. This software includes all the functionalities of structural engineering, such as model development, structural analysis, construction design and evaluation of the results.

Use of STAAD.Pro

STAAD.Pro is used to analyze the two and three dimensional structure of any construct and then perform the structural analysis. STTAD.Pro is used to analyze space structures, plane structures, floor structures, and truss structures. The STAAD.Pro software contains several codes for steel, concrete and timber design as per the countries. STAAD.Pro can address all the production requirements of any structural engineering design. The software has a very powerful graphical facility that helps in the verification of the model and display of the results.

Features of STAAD.Pro

The software contains several features such as,

  • Text Editor for creating and editing files
  • View Facility for viewing the output file
  • Print facility for printing the output file
  • On-screen calculator for performing arithmetic calculations

Training in STAAD.Pro

As it is the most sought-after software for structural designing, a professional (Engineer) should be well trained in this software to get desired jobs in reputed firms. Multisoft Worldwide offers STAAD.Pro v8i Training to Structural and Project Engineers to make them expert in STAAD.Pro software. In addition to classroom training, Multisoft Worldwide also provides online STAAD Pro Advanced Training.

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