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Tips to Fill CBAP® Application


Have you made up your mind to add that influential four letter credential to your skillset? Then probably this article can make sense. The filling up of CBAP® application is considered to be a quite daunting task and needs professional inputs.

Here are some of the tips which can make the task a complete breeze:

Understand the requirements:

Initiating the process without gaining the details firsthand can result in discovering that you do not match the requirements. Hence it is highly recommended to get your facts straight from the beginning. The prerequisites to meet at the time of CBAP® examination is:

  • A Minimum of high school education or its equivalent
  • A total work experience of 7,500 hours (drawn from the last 10 years) in Business Analysis.
  • The BABOK® guide outlines 6 knowledge areas that a BA must be conversant with to pass the certification exam.A minimum of 900 hours work experience in at least 4 out of the 6 Knowledge Areas (KAs).
  • A minimum of 21 hours of professional development. You can accrue this from a training program from an institute. Before picking up any course, always make it a point to figure out if the training institute and the program in itself is endorsed by IIBA®. Multisoft Virtual Academy is an IIBA® endorsed institute which has been providing CBAP® preparatory Online Training and the required assistance to ace the journey.
  • Two references from your manager, client or a CBAP® recipient.

Skim BABOK® first to get an idea what is the process all about

There are certain tasks which are considered to be a part of Business Analysis and others which are not. Align your experience of the tasks in alignment with BABOK®.

Determine Work Experience:

You need to write extensively for this section.There are five sections in the application Confirm Personal Information, Education, Work Experience, Professional Development, References.  You may complete the sections in any order and you may edit each in multiple sessions.

  • Document more hours than needed: The minimum number of hours required for CBAP® examination is 7500 hours. In case the documented roles do not meet the IIBA® requirements, it cuts the irrelevant hours. If you fall below the required 7500 hours, your application would be denied by IIBA®. Hence it is always advised to document more hours than required.
  • Save often: As you keep on completing and submitting each section, the status of each section is complete. You can revisit and edit the details at this stage. Once you fill the reference details and submit it, your data is locked. You can no longer edit the data in the application. After completing all the section, your application is complete and you are taken to the payment section.
  • Provide the whole details: You need to document each of the projects in detail
  1. You can start with Project date picker by picking up the time duration of the project.
  2. Provide the whole description of the project along with the roles performed by you.
  3. Provide the details of the contact person or the supervisor for theparticular project.
  4. In the Total BA Hours on the Project field, type the total number of business analysis hours (i.e. aligned to the BABOK®® Guide) you worked on the project.

Identify and contact your references early

It is highly recommended to contact the references early and fill in the most recent and authentic contact details. IIBA® cross checks some of the forms randomly and in case it happens to be yours, any mismatch in the details can become the reason for the rejection of your application form.

Having any other doubts about the CBAP® application process, you can log on to and get the comprehensive step-by-step assistance in your certification journey.

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