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What it takes to get certified!

Why Employers Look for Certified Portfolio Management Professionals?


A Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP) is a strongly preferred credential in many companies. In some companies it is an important measure to get promotions or performance evaluations. PMP is the most recognized credential globally that shows your competency. Multisoft Worldwide offers PfMP Certification Training for experienced Project Managers. This certification carries immense importance in the workplace.

A PMP certified candidate demonstrates following skills that make it a sought-after course.

1. Goal Oriented:  A PMP certification shows that he is committed towards professional development. It is a proof of his credibility that he can go to any measure to achieve target.

2. Effective Management: A certified Project Manager can efficiently and confidently handle any problems associated with the project. He should act like a problem solver.

3. Good Judgment Skills: This accreditation shows that he possesses excellent decision-making skills. An in-depth knowledge of the project management cycle helps to make clear judgments.

4. Key Team Player: A skilled PM professional not only acts as a leader, but also acts as a team player. He plays a team building role.

This certification makes an employee more valued contributor to its employer.  Working professionals can undergo a PfMP Training to attain this certification.

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