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What it takes to get certified!

Why Get Certified?


That’s one question that most of the professionals or beginners tend to deliberate on. Read on to know how certification makes a difference! Why should you get certified at all when you already have a job?

There are many other related doubts but the dilemma is more or less the same: 

  • What is the value of a certification?
  • Will I get a pay hike once I am certified?
  • Does certification help in getting a job?
  • How professional certification can help build a career?
  • For my profession, certification is not mandatory, then why should I invest?

These apprehensions tend to resonate more when you have a number of years of experience or a college degree. You reason are they not enough for a successful and satisfying career?  The answer is NO, because certification is that differentiator that puts you in control and facilitates you to:

Earn Preference. With the economical downturn affecting all most all the businesses, it’s getting critical for the HR managers to hire human resources with the right kind of skills at the first go. More and more hiring managers prefer certified candidates. As per a survey*, eighty one percent of the HR Managers give higher to medium priority to certified professionals. Hence, if you are a beginner, you have an edge over others to be considered for hiring and if you are experienced, your prospects for a new job or for that matter the next promotion are excellent.



Gain Competence.  A certified individual is explicitly competent since the industry standards, the processes and the best practices – all become an innate part of you.   Certifications are not only about theory; they validate your hands-on experience to the industry. You are equipped to demonstrate your competence in your current and other specialized areas that you wish to focus on and the credibility to implement the learned skills to implement and finish projects on-budget and on-time.

 Stay Current. You would think that I know my job and I have been good at it, then why get certified? Well, certifications are a way to keep you up-to-date and prove that you are current. Certifications equip you to get through the changing parameters of the industry and pass all the knowledge benchmarks and skill assessments that have evolved since you last updated yourself.

Increase Income.  According to a survey*, 9% of the IT certified professionals; get a salary hike immediately after the certification and 29% in the long run. Professionals, who get certified, have a positive influence on the pay and are in a position to negotiate.

Get Recognition. Pride. Confidence. A certification is not another detail in your CV but a remarkable recognition of your enthusiasm to stay up-to-date. It proves your passion to excel to the employer since you are making an effort to add value to the existing processes in the organization. It’s very natural for you to gain that confidence that puts you a step above your peers.

It’s a common belief that IT certifications rule the roost however certifications in Business Analytics, and Project Management do happen to find their berth in the list of highly salaried certified professionals.

*Source: CompTIA, Employer Perceptions of IT Training and Certification, Jan 2011

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