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MAGMA Training

MAGMA training by Multisoft Worldwide imparts skills for working on MAGMA5 software that is used for casting simulations. Known industry-wide, MAGMA5 offers capabilities for solidification and cooling; simulating mold filling; property distributions; and microstructure formation for casting processes.

MAGMA training program covers the following topics:

  • Concept-based and final component designing
  • Prototyping and tooling layout
  • Automatic meshing of geometries for simulation
  • Pattern and mold making
  • Melting and metallurgy

MAGMA training course allows participants to understand casting processes for gray iron, large steel products, and die cast and steel aluminum. This training program is valuable because MAGMA5 software is an industry standard that allows users to enhance tooling designs; predict defect formation before tool cutting; minimize cycle times; and reduce production costs.

In addition to classroom based training, Multisoft Worldwide also conducts online MAGMA training.

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