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MCPD: Windows Phone Developer Training

MCPD: Windows Phone Developer training offers knowledge and skills related to core XAML concepts, including XAML code development in Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Blend 4. This Microsoft certification program enables users to build professional WPF and Silverlight 4 applications for Windows desktops, Web and Windows Phone 7 devices.

MCPD: Windows Phone Developer certification builds expertise in enhancing data access code with the use of ADO.NET Entity Framework; WCF Data Services; LINQ; the Sync Framework etc. This Microsoft certification program additionally familiarizes participants with the ways of creating XAML objects programmatically; working with Resources, Styles and Control Templates; and implementing Transforms and Animations in XAML-based apps.

MCPD: Windows Phone Developer training additionally offers skills for:

  • Evaluating business cases and implementing the right combination of data access tools
  • Performing data modification tasks on data in an Entity Data Model (EDM)
  • Develop reliable and high performance ADO.NET applications that can query and update data
  • Using the Entity Framework for building data access layer to reuse existing business cases

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